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There are a range of private jets in Perth to Choose from and flying in a private jet gives you a number of advantages, including the total comfort and luxury of personalizing your travel itinerary to suit your needs

Key benefits include:

  • Depart on your schedule not the other way around 

  • Increase privacy and productivity with meetings in the air

  • Access remote airports closer to your destination 

  • Safety and VIP service

  • Save time without security lines, delayed and cancelled flights

Many of our clients see a saving in time and money with flexible departure, the option to host team meetings in the air, faster travel time with wheels up in 15 minutes, and no long security lines. 

There is nothing quite like flying private jet for business or pleasure.

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Cessna Citation 501 Citation ISP

Cessna Citation Jet/CJ/M2 



The Citation ISP Small Jet was manufactured by Cessna between 1977 and 1985. The cabin measures 11.3 feet long by 4.7 feet wide by 4.3 feet tall giving it a total cabin volume of 205 cubic feet. The dimensions make it comfortable for 5 passengers

  • Passengers: 5

  • Engine Type: Twin Jet

  • Cruise Speed: 661KM/H / 411 MPH

  • Range: 1,328nm (2,495nm)

  • Pressurized: Yes

  • Crew: 1 pilot

The Embraer Phenom 300 is the fastest and largest cabin single pilot jet available. It is also the newest mid-size jet available for charter in Australia. The Phenom 300 features generous cabin space and a refreshment centre – it is truly a satisfying private jet experience.

  • Passengers: 8

  • Engine Type: Twin Jet

  • Cruise speed: 963 KM/H / 521 MPH

  • Range: 2,267nm (1408km) 

  • Pressurized: Yes

  • Crew: 1 Pilot

The Citation CJ2/CJ2+ (Model 525A) belongs to the Cessna family of light business jets. The aircraft were built between 2000 and 2016 before being replaced by the CJ3/CJ3+ as successor models. The plan behind the popular jet family was to establish a fast and manoeuvrable jet for 4 - 5 passengers in the market that was inexpensive both to purchase and to maintain.

  • Passengers: 8

  • Cruising speed: 746 KM/H / 463 MPH

  • Range: 900nm (1665km)

  • Pressurized: Yes

  • Crew: 2 Pilot

Cessna 560 Citation V




Piper has fine-tuned its flagship product over the past decade, and while it is still the same aircraft at heart, all the little changes have made a difference — in a very good way. Despite Piper Meridian short tenure on the market of single-engine, pressurized turboprops, the Meridian has managed to become one of the most popular airframes among owner-flown turbine aircraft.

  • Passengers: 9

  • Cruise speed: 374 KM/H / 232 MPH

  • Range:1,703nm (2741km)

  • Pressurized: Yes

  • Crew: 2 pilots


The Gulfstream IVSP Large Jet was manufactured by Gulfstream between 1992 and 2002. This aircraft is a luxourious long range business jet that can take up to fifteen passengers nonstop to any city in Australia, and most destinations in South East Asia, as well as only one stop to anywhere in New Zealand from Perth.

  • Passengers: 9

  • Engine Type: Twin Jet

  • Cruise Speed: 428 KM/H / 460 MPH

  • Range: 3,880nm (7,185km)

  • Pressurized: Yes

  • Crew: 2 Pilots 1 flight Attendant


The Falcon 900 is the first of a range of Super Large tri-jets produced by the French manufacturer Dassault that also includes the 900B, 900C, 900EX, 900DX and 900LX. It was first launched in 1984 as a development of Dassault’s Falcon 50, providing a larger interior, while still being powered by three turbo-fan engines. 

  • Passengers: 12

  • Engine: Twin Jet 

  • Cruise Speed: 926 KM/H / 500 MPH

  • Range: 4,500nm  (8,344Km)

  • Pressurized: Yes

  • Crew 2 Pilots 1 Flight Attendant

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