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At ARG our expertise in arranging large aircraft for group charter flights is unmatched. With over twenty years of experience arranging group charter flights for sports teams, touring artists, corporations, and government entities, our team of professionals have access to aircraft across Western Australia. 


We have experience of managing the charter operation Jet aircraft from 70 up until 100 seats.


Regional jet aircraft are the perfect solution for smaller group sizes that will benefit from the privacy, flexibility and convenience of air charter. They are ideal aircraft for flights of less than three hours.

TELEPHONE: 08 6155 7791




BAE146 - 80 SEATS

Ejet cabin inside.jpg
Fokker 70.jpg
Fokker 70000.jpg

The Embraer 170 is a commercial jet airliner capable of carrying up to 76 passengers in an all-economy class configuration. the aircraft is perfect for short to medium range domestic flights. It is often used to transport passengers during seminars, sports events or special operations. The aircraft has a spacious cabin with wider seats and larger windows than most jets.

  • Passengers: 76

  • Engine: Jet

  • Cruise Speed: 890 KM/H / 553 MPH

  • Range 1800nm (3334km)

  • Crew: 2 pilots 3 flight attendants

Designed and built in the Netherlands, the Fokker 70 is perfectly suited for up to 70 passengers, whether it be for domestic or short-haul international charter this aircraft is perfect. The Fokker 70 is a commercial jet airliner is piloted by two highly experienced captains and has up to three flight attendants for your in-flight safety and comfort. This aircraft is ideal for interstate and short international charters.

  • Passengers: 80

  • Engine: Jet

  • Cruising speed: 943 KM/H / 585MPH

  • Range: 1,841nm (3,410km)

  • Crew: 2 pilots 3 flight attendants

This aircraft is of mid size, typically used to carry passengers on short haul trips and for commercial purposes. With four turbo fan engines and a t-tail design it is a powerful and aerodynamic flyer. Notorious for flying silently, passengers will be able to relax and unwind as they travel. The aircraft has short take-off and landing (STOL) capabilities and very quiet operation, which is why it is commonly referred to as the whisper jet. It is also widely used at small city-based airports. 

  • Passengers: 80

  • Engine: Jet

  • Cruise speed 780 KM/H / 484 MPH

  • Range: 1715nm (2759km)

  • Crew: 2 pilots 3 flight attendants

FOKKER 100 - 100 SEATS


Fokker 100 cabin.jpeg

Versatility peaks in the Embraer E190. This jet is often used in the commercial markets, though it has its place in charter flights for FIFO operations and other such applications too. The Embraer E190 stands out in the private jet airliner market, with seating that can be configured in dual-class, single class or high density, offering up to 108 seats at the highest capacity.

  • Passengers: 94

  • Engine: Twin Jet

  • Cruise Speed: 871 KM/H / 470 MPH

  • Range: 2449nm (4,537km)

  • Crew: 2 pilots 3 flight attendants

The Fokker is a proven performer for mixed groups up to 100 business and economy class passengers to destinations throughout Australasia and the South Pacific; similarly the Fokker-70, configured with 48 luxury leather seats and extra-long range capability (3,340 km), crewed by very experienced pilots and cabin crew, every detail will be taken care of allowing you and your colleagues to enjoy a stress free flight.

  • Passengers: 100

  • Engine Type: Turbo Prop

  • Cruise Speed: 845 KM/H / 265 MPH

  • Range 1550nm (2780km)

  • Crew: 2 pilots 2-3 flight attendants

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